Succulent Summer Salads

Here are several of our favorite summer salads.  They range from fruity and cheesy to mixed with herbs and nuts for big flavors and easy summer meals!

Enjoy them all!

Quinoa and Vegetable Chicken Salad:   This can also be done with another source of protein like chickpeas or kidney beans instead of the chicken. In other variations I have used whole wheat Orzo or whole wheat couscous instead of the quinoa.

and Bacon Salad:   The bright fresh flavor of the broccoli is complimented nicely by the dried cranberries and lightly salted bacon.  Not a fan of bacon use a little shredded cheese.

Fruit Salad with Couscous:
  Fresh fruit and nuts make this a great side dish for dinner or a wonderful lunch. The whole wheat couscous makes this very filling and satisfying.

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap:   This wrap has the delightful flavor of the fresh herbs and a hint of lemony couscous.  This can be served with a side of mixed salad greens to make a complete the meal.

Noodle Salad:   The wonderful light flavors of the nuts and the tang of white wine vinegar make a great tasty treat.  This is a lightened up version of the ramen noodle salad everyone enjoyed years ago.

Bean and Tomato Salad:
  This is one of my all time favorites because it can go with any entrée or travels for any picnic.

Quick Summer Pasta Salad:  A great treat at every gathering with the flavors of a wide variety of fresh vegetables and a light dressing.  It will disappear before your eyes!

Edamame, Quinoa Salad with Tarragon: The toasted quinoa gives this a nutty taste, and complements the walnuts while a delightful accent to the lemony tarragon dressing. Serve this over a bed of greens and it will surely be a hit!

Turkey Taco Salad:   An all time favorite in our house hold.  To make it vegetarian change out the protein to veggie crumbles and it is equally as tasty!

Cucumber Salad:
  The tangy vinegar dressing makes this a refreshing and simple summer salad.

Sesame Chicken Salad:   This makes a light main dish on a summer’s day with the fresh crip vegetables tossed in a tahini vinaigrette.

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