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 Rib Rub

This has the brown sugar mixed into it so you do not need to add any more.

     Makes about ½ cup, 8 servings, 1 tablespoon each
     Prep Time: 5 minutes
     Total Time: 5 minutes

  1/4 cup brown sugar
  1 tablespoon hot shots (equal parts ground red pepper and ground black pepper)
  1 tablespoon onion powder
  1 tablespoon garlic powder
  1 tablespoon cumin
  1 tablespoon paprika

 Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Nutritional Notes: per serving: calories 41; fat <.5g (sat <.5g, mono <.5g, poly <.5g); iron 0.6mg; cholesterol 0.0mg; calcium 20mg; carbohydrate 10g; sodium 6mg; protein 0.6g; fiber 1g